Frame: 0 (max: 0)
Secs: 0 (max: 0)
Video Player Keyboard Shortcuts:
t: copy timestamp to clipboard
left: step 1 frame left
right: step 1 frame right
space: toggle play/pause
home: go to first frame
end: go to last frame
ctrl-left: step 1 second left
ctrl-right: step 1 second right
double-click video: upload new video
pageup: jump to previous annotation
pagedown: jump to next annotation
alt-pageup: jump to previous "unknown" annotation
alt-pagedown: jump to next "unknown" annotation
  1. Read the list of keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Play around with the video loaded in already.
  3. Load your own video in by double clicking.
  1. For now, video has to be .mp4 (H264) and 30fps.
  2. Chrome and Firefox.
Annotation Keyboard Shortcuts:
Bugs, Features, Questions, and Comments:
If you would like to report a bug, request a feature, or just ask a question, one way to do that is to create an issue on our GitHub repository. Another way to do that is to just leave a comment on the Disqus discussion page.